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The corporate website is the online face of a company which makes developing and supporting this online presence extremely important. A corporate website helps to showcase the brand not only to a global audience but, more importantly, to those the company has identified as potential users of its products and services, i.e. its target audience. 

Businesses use web based applications to manage the content of their site and create public and target audience awareness through solutions that are dynamic and feature rich. These will aim to provide the highest quality user experience (UX) and help the company to forge ahead of its competitors online.

DNN was launched in 2003 and quickly gathered a large following from around the world. Businesses within the private and public sector have embraced this platform for its transparency and adaptability. Here at DyNNamite we love using this open source CMS platform and feel there are major benefits for developers, content managers and businesses when they adopt DNN.

Here is how DNN helps each group:

DNN Developers

As DNN developers we are able to take advantage of the DNN platform to create websites using a wide range of ready-to-use built-in features such as forums, blogs and forms. Furthermore, the modular structure of DNN enables developers to be endlessly innovative; modules can be built to provide bespoke functionality, and they can be bolted on to any standard DNN website. This modular framework allows developers to greatly enhance the online services and facilities of a website.

Content Managers 

Anyone looking to update a DNN website will be able to do so comfortably as DNN offers easy management of web content without the requirement of technical knowledge. The platform allows content managers to easily change or modify website content - like adding or removing images or incorporating extra text – without needing any coding expertise. The rich text editor in DNN allows the administrator to format content in the same manner as using Microsoft Word, demonstrating how simple the interface can be.


A company with a website will want to know that it is secure, and that it can be updated easily. With DNN, a business’s marketing team can login to the website at any time to update the content, and – in the event that something goes wrong – DNN website owners can seek help from the DNN community; the community contains more than 700,000 developers and there are always members who are willing to solve problems.

DyNNamite – your DNN development partner

Working with an experienced DNN development company can help a business create a website that is functional, feature rich and extremely secure. Here at DyNNamite we have become the UK’s leading DNN expert specialising in the DNN CMS platform and providing DNN solutions. 

Whether you are looking to build a new website and want to take advantage of the functionality that DNN offers, or have a website built in DNN and need it to be managed, developed, or hosted, we can help. Please contact us now to discuss your requirements.  

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