We provide enterprise level DNN Website Design solutions to the UK's leading businesses

DNN Website design by DyNNamite®

DNN Website design by DyNNamite®

Since DyNNamite was launched in 2005, DyNNamite’s highly skilled DNN design team has carried out a wide range of exciting projects targeting both business and consumer markets. Supported by our in-house programmers, technicians and strategic marketing professionals, we can deliver successful DNN website solutions that combine creativity, innovation, accurate business focus and robust technical functionality.


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Why choose DyNNamite® for your DNN website design projects?

Why choose DyNNamite® for your DNN website design projects?

As the UK’s leading DNN (aka DotNetNuke) specialists, we can offer unparalleled website design expertise in using the DNN CMS platform, combining our technical skills with an award-winning eye for design. Additionally, unlike many other design companies, with our bespoke designs the copyright passes to you.

DyNNamite can create custom DNN templates for large and small scale projects using the flexibility of the DNN platform to produce designs that precisely match the creative, corporate branding and content requirements of our clients. We can customise our existing themes (i.e. skins) to your specifications, produce new designs to order or modify your existing designs or third party templates.

Successful DNN design needs to be founded on in-depth knowledge and ongoing research into the habits and expectations of the web users being targeted by our B2B and B2C clients and their competitors. The online environment is in a continual process of change and development and our significant technical and marketing experience enables us to keep ahead of the game as DNN designers and developers.

About the DNN CMS platform

About the DNN CMS platform

DyNNamite has been working exclusively with the DNN platform for many years and can testify to its exceptional performance and flexibility. Over 9,000 websites worldwide are based on DyNNamite’s DNN themes and modules, and this number is continually growing.

DNN is totally scalable, and being based on a modular framework makes it incredibly easy to add functionality to cater for business expansion and increased interaction. So there is no need to rebuild an entire website when changes are required, because DyNNamite can create the exact functionality you require and integrate it into your DNN website.

DNN is easy to use, for any skill level

The DNN CMS platform is also exceptionally easy for the end user to administer. It requires no technical knowledge or coding skills to change and update website content and features. This helpful content management environment includes a unique tabbed administration menu that makes different functions easy to access and use without the cost of professional help. Please take a look at our series of DNN Tutorial videos to see how easy this can be.

And there is a huge and exciting range of ready-to-use features available from DNN and the number is continually growing. DyNNamite is an active partner in DNN feature development and we have worked with DNN Corp to ensure new features have been launched successfully.

DyNNamite® DNN support

DyNNamite’s DNN design services do not end when a new DNN website has been rigorously trialled, cross-browser tested and successfully launched. We offer an ever-present support for our clients in terms of technical matters and through enhancing website performance by providing SEO, PPC and other online marketing services.

With over 750,000 websites powered by DNN, there is access to a global community providing users with advice and support.

DyNNamite is a registered DNN Partner and a proactive member of the DNN network of UK and international developers and business users

DNN Tutorials

We have created a range of helpful video tutorials to take you through the different aspects and functions of DNN in straightforward logical steps. We won't blind you with science or bemuse you with technical language. The DyNNamite team aims to keep things simple for you in every way.

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