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The DyNNamite® story

As the DNN specialist division of the highly reputed web services and digital marketing agency BBI Brandboost, DyNNamite has become the UK’s leading expert specialising in the DNN CMS (Content Management System) platform.


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We can claim this because:

We can claim this because:

  • DyNNamite was launched in 2005 and have a wealth of history developing with DNN.
  • DyNNAmite has won awards for its exceptional work creating DNN themes and modules.
  • DyNNamite is a registered DNN Implementation Partner and has been responsible for initiating features on the platform in collaboration with DNN Corporation which have since become core functions of the DNN CMS.
  • We have had extensive experience in undertaking highly complex national and multinational web development projects using the DNN CMS platform.
So why focus on DNN?

So why focus on DNN?

Launched in 2003, DNN (aka DotNetNuke) is the leading CMS for the Microsoft Web Platform and has been downloaded more than 8 million times and powers more than 750,000 websites globally. It is the chosen open source CMS platform for companies and organisations worldwide and for good reason.

  • DNN is a modular platform that is infinitely flexible and scalable.
  • DNN is incredibly rich in features.
  • DNN is exceptionally easy to use and requires no technical skills to amend or update content.

Take a look at our DyNNamite tutorial videos to see just how simple it can be to add content and features using this invaluable CMS platform.

We seized the opportunity!

DyNNamite exploded onto the scene just two years after the launch of DotNetNuke because we realised its potential for websites in both B2B and B2C markets. We also recognised that this particular CMS platform required a technical and creative team that was dedicated to using and promoting DNN alone. We were DNN pioneers with a passion then and we still are today.

End of story?

Not at all, the narrative goes on. The DNN platform is continually developing and DyNNamite is a leading initiator in this process. We believe that DNN has a fantastic future in which DyNNamite aims to play a major role.

DNN Tutorials

We have created a range of helpful video tutorials to take you through the different aspects and functions of DNN in straightforward logical steps. We won't blind you with science or bemuse you with technical language. The DyNNamite team aims to keep things simple for you in every way.

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