Our clients have the full benefit of our technical skills to solve any issues of functionality or performance of their DNN website.

DNN Support by DyNNamite®

DNN Support by DyNNamite®

With DyNNamite’s DNN support services, our clients have the full benefit of our technical skills to solve any issues of functionality or performance of their DNN website.

Since we were launched in 2005, DyNNamite has been providing technical support for UK and international clients with DNN websites in both the B2B and B2C sectors. We are the UK’s leading experts in the DNN CMS platform, and have an in-depth knowledge of its functionality and performance potential. This means that we have the capabilities to solve technical issues, however complex these may be.


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The DyNNamite® team

The DyNNamite® team

The DyNNamite team includes experienced programmers supported by systems architects, marketing professionals, copywriters and specialists in specific areas such as SEO. This means that our clients have a range of communications expertise to call upon whenever required in addition to the technical DNN support services we offer.

This range of services is coordinated by a dedicated account manager assigned to each client so that they have a single point of contact to discuss any aspect relating to their DNN website.

Tailoring support to your business requirements

Tailoring support to your business requirements

DNN support can ensure that DNN website owners have a continual high quality presence on the internet. This is essential for creating positive brand awareness and for displaying information and messages relevant to the target audiences of a business, and that the website content - text, images, videos and graphics – will be presented to perfection on all mobile and desktop devices.

The DyNNamite team will provide the type and level of DNN support services that are tailored to the client business, its industry sector and the scale of its operations. We will make sure that your website is maintained to the highest standard, updated and refreshed, as well as being secure from external interference and offering an exceptional user experience.

The dedicated account manager assigned to each client will ensure that they fully understand a company’s objectives and aspirations for their web presence and recommend a DNN support solution tailored to their requirements. In every case, DyNNamite will be on call to offer our technical and problem solving expertise whenever needed.

The DNN community

There are over 750,000 websites worldwide powered by the DNN platform, over 9,000 of which use DyNNamite DNN solutions. This in turn has empowered the creation of an active international community of DNN developers and business users, with the DNN Community site providing access to forums, expert advice, user groups and much else besides.

Describing the proven track record of DNN, the Community explains that: “DNN has been powering websites since 2002. An offshoot of a demonstration project by Microsoft to show its .NET framework, it quickly gathered a large following around the world. Both the private and public sector have embraced this platform for its transparency and adaptability.”

DyNNamite is a registered DNN Partner and a proactive member of the DNN network.


DNN Tutorials

We have created a range of helpful video tutorials to take you through the different aspects and functions of DNN in straightforward logical steps. We won't blind you with science or bemuse you with technical language. The DyNNamite team aims to keep things simple for you in every way.

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