We provide DNN version upgrades

DNN Version upgrades by DyNNamite®

DNN Version upgrades by DyNNamite®

New upgrades of DNN are released on a regular basis by the DNN Corporation. These may be introduced to improve performance, add additional core functionality, take advantage of modern browser behaviour or to patch the older version against unwanted attacks. Whichever of these is relevant to your business, regular upgrades are vital to the success of your DNN website.

The process of upgrading to a new version of DNN may seem to be fairly straightforward, but there are risks attached and problems to overcome. Existing off-the-shelf DNN modules such as sliders, banners, forms and blogs may not always work with the new upgrade, therefore if new modules are needed then a different licence or indeed module may be required.

At worst, a company may find that its attempts to install the upgrade have caused its website to break and valuable content to be lost. At the very least, they could find the upgrading process time-consuming and a hindrance to their core activities.


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Call in the DNN experts

Call in the DNN experts

That is why we recommend that businesses should seek professional help in installing any new DNN upgrade. We also suggest that, as the UK’s leading DNN specialists, the DyNNamite team would be the best people to undertake the work.

To perform successful DNN version upgrades safely requires both technical expertise and a detailed methodical approach.

In the first instance, DyNNamite will always back up the website so that if anything goes wrong the original version and all its content can be fully retrieved. Then we follow a very careful step-by-step installation process where any potential malfunctions can be identified and any problems fixed. We have performed numerous successful DNN upgrades and we know that our method has worked well in every case.

We are highly committed to DNN as the best CMS platform available and we will be equally dedicated to ensuring that your DNN website delivers optimum performance for your business. Please contact DyNNamite at any time for our advice and support on DNN version upgrades.     


DNN Tutorials

We have created a range of helpful video tutorials to take you through the different aspects and functions of DNN in straightforward logical steps. We won't blind you with science or bemuse you with technical language. The DyNNamite team aims to keep things simple for you in every way.

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