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“If you can use Microsoft Word you can use this”

23 Apr, 2024 | Return|

DNN is easy to use

This was and still is our go to answer when a customer (as they did earlier today) asks us “how easy is DNN to use?” 

Quite simply DNN is the simplest and most intuitive open-source CMS in the marketplace; coupled with its foundation based upon MS SQL, its modular approach for ease of development as well as its security features; DNN is as Tina Turner would say “Simply the best” and “better than all the rest”.

The simple user interface for adding pages, updating content (images & text) and managing the enhanced features beguiles the technical power behind this leading-edge CMS system. Much like an iceberg which hides 90% of its mass, DNN has power beyond its visual interface which makes updating content well… as easy as using Microsoft Word.

But don’t take our (please excuse the pun) word for it, check out some of the DNN Tutorials for yourself and ask the question… is your website’s CMS this good?

DNN Tutorial #5 Add a page to website built in DNN9

How to add a page to website built in DNN9

DNN Tutorial #6 Add content in DNN9

How to add content in DNN9

So, for the marketing team or website administrator who wants an effective but easy to use content management system – in order to add and update pages, add and update text, load images for banners and page content as well as documents - DNN is the go-to choice.


And it doesn’t stop there… 

As DNN is modular and built on a robust powerful foundation, the IT managers among you will be waxing lyrical about how easy it is to flow data from existing legacy systems to your website and back again providing the complete end-to-end data integration for any business.

You might be thinking, “DyNNamite? There’s a clue in that name…  As DNN specialists, of course they are going to say it’s the best!”

But we are not alone, just look at some of the organisations who trust DNN for their web presence. You can rest assured, they did their due diligence.

If you are looking to change your website CMS and want a powerful system which is easy to use, then it has to be DNN.  And if DNN is your chosen CMS, then as one of the leading and most established DNN website agencies here in the UK, DyNNamite is on hand to make your website dreams a reality, call the team now to start your DNN journey.

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