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Why DNN is the ideal CMS for web development

02 Jun, 2021 | Return|

Why we love DNN

It is well worth taking time to look through the DNN Community blog because you can find some high quality and informative content there. We recently did just that and found an excellent post published in September 2020 which is as true today as it was then.

Written by Paras Daryanani and titled "8 Reasons to Build a Website with DNN Platform in 2020" the article covers a range of DNN features and support for web developers that reflect our own enthusiasm for this exceptional CMS. 

DyNNamite came into being in 2005, just two years after DNN (aka DotNetNuke) was launched to become the leading CMS for the Microsoft Web Platform. The DyNNamite team specialises exclusively in using DNN and has actively collaborated with DNN Corp in developing new features for the platform. Therefore, we have earned the right to claim to be the UK's leading DNN specialists and to offer useful comments on DNN-related content such as this.

The reasons that Paras Daryanani lists for favouring DNN are, in his own words, because of the following benefits:

  1. 100% Free and Open Source
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Great Developer Experience
  4. Easy for Designers
  5. Versatile and Offers Unlimited Flexibility
  6. Extremely Secure
  7. Getting Closer to .Net 5 (.Net Core)
  8. The DNN Community 


Under each of these headings, Paras puts his own justifications as an obviously experienced web designer and developer. They're all perfectly valid, but we would like to add our input to further emphasise the benefits of certain DNN features.


Simple and flexible for business users 

Interestingly, in his second point, Paras notes that: "One of the best features of DNN is that it's extremely easy to use. DNN allows you to quickly create web pages using its 100% frontend editing capability." 

The benefits of front end editing were covered in our most recent DyNNamite DNN News entry where we described how quickly and easily website content could be changed and updated and observed that: "DNN has front-end editing built into the core. The WYSIWYG editor is familiar and the editing process comfortable. If you have ever used Microsoft Word or sent an email, you will feel at home editing content in DNN."

Paras also describes how versatile and flexible DNN can be for building websites and ecommerce sites for a wide range of sectors and applications. This is entirely accurate, because the modular structure of DNN enables developers to be endlessly innovative with the bespoke functionality they can integrate into each new project they undertake.

As we state on our website section on Module Development: "The integration of custom DNN modules can greatly enhance the online services and facilities provided by DNN business websites."


Time for action?

We shall of course continue to research output from the DNN Community and other reliable sources for further quality content such as this to publish in our DNN News. We would also be delighted to provide you with information or advice about the exceptional DNN platform. Our skills and experience as a Registered DNN Implementation Partner are at your disposal!

DNN Corp described its DNN Partners as, “World-class leaders in website design, development, and implementation. They have a deep knowledge of all things DNN. Our Partners will create innovative, powerful solutions for your website.”

Please feel free to contact us at any time for our assistance and support.

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