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Benefits of editing content with DNN

11 May, 2021 | Return|

Editing content with DNN

Working within the DNN platform allows website owners to update content quickly and easily. This is because DNN has front-end editing capabilities, unlike other CMS systems.

This front-end editing facility not only saves time but allows less tech-savvy members of a team to make necessary changes to website text and images. This prevents marketing departments from having to rely on website administrators to carry out updates – a dependency which can sometimes cause delays.

Comparing DNN with WordPress 

DNN has front-end editing built into the core. The WYSIWYG editor is familiar and the editing process comfortable. If you have ever used Microsoft Word or sent an email, you will feel at home editing content in DNN.

WordPress is a platform that was originally intended for blogging which has since been extended beyond this scope. It was never designed to be a CMS and as a result it is going through a continuing process of adjustment to replicate benefits which are already available with DNN.

Front-end editing is not yet an out-of-the-box feature in WordPress. There are plugins that enable it, but this front-end capability varies wildly depending on the plugin used, and rarely bears any resemblance to the editing tools most users are familiar with.

DNN supports SEO and inbound marketing

The front-end editing capabilities of DNN can be very handy for SEO and marketing purposes. These include:

  • If you want to make quick edits to a website on the back of research - which shows a new phrase that users are looking for - then all you have to do is log in, go to the page you want to edit, click the edit icon and you are away.
  • DNN allows marketers to update their websites to reflect the current environment and user behaviour. The platform is leading the way for front-end editing and other CMS systems are trying to catch up. 
  • For content editors, marketers and authors that need to get content up quickly, using the DNN editor is as simple as using Microsoft Word. You can even copy and paste words from Word, directly into the editor using a special button.
  • In DNN, if you make a mistake after saving content, you can restore previously created content. DNN will store your last five versions. This saves content writers from having to contact their web agency and ask for a site to be restored when a piece of editing has gone wrong.

DNN is remarkably easy to use, even for team members whose strengths are not necessarily technical in nature. DNN makes it possible to update the content on a website without any technical or programming skills. Please take a look at our DyNNamite tutorial videos for more information about this user-friendly CMS.

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