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Blogging made easy with DNN – New video tutorial available now!

21 Jun, 2021 | Return|

How to set up a blog in DNN

DNN is an incredibly easy-to-use CMS platform that requires no knowledge of coding in order to carry out updates to content. This makes DNN the ideal solution for blogging or for creating website newsroom content, especially if an off-the-shelf, blogging module is added to a DNN website, to make the admin of that section even more quick and easy. 

Our preferred solution is xBlog by DNNGo. At $80 for a single install, this is not the cheapest option but we do find that the time saving it delivers means the extra investment more than pays for itself. We use this blog module for DNN in our latest tutorial video, “How to set up a blog in DNN”.blog-css-file

The events of recent times have pushed more and more interaction between brands and their audiences online, and the clients and customers of companies are often looking to find current information about the businesses they buy from. A blog is a great way to keep all stakeholders informed of company news – whether its new product launches, opening of branches, issuing of special offers or milestones in expansion. Therefore, we thought a video explaining how to set up a blog in DNN would be especially useful right now.

In line with our previous tutorial videos, we walk you through the installation of the blog in a step-by-step, user-friendly and above all non-technical way, to empower you to set your blog up with the least possible amount of hassle.

You can watch the video here or if you would like to talk to a member of the team about setting up a blog in DNN, please contact us.

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