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10 Solid Reasons to switch to DNN in 2023

08 Nov, 2022 | Return|

For online business owners these days, there is an abundance of content management systems to choose from. 

There are PHP based systems such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to name just a few. Businesses built on asp.net have systems such as Umbraco and DNN, showcasing the plethora of options available when it comes choosing a content management system. 

Choosing a CMS is not easy. Ask 100 website developers and you will probably get 100 different answers. In this article, we aim to break down exactly why you should choose DNN - our preferred ASP.Net CMS - over any other content management system.

Here are our 10 solid reasons to switch to DNN in 2023!

#1 Security

DNN Website Security

Websites built in DNN are not as common as websites built in some other content management systems (WordPress, we are looking at you!) but that does not make DNN any less capable as a business-focused CMS. 

In fact, being less well-known means that it is less exposed to attacks than some other content management systems. As a number of content management systems need constant updates, they are prone to zero day attacks and are more likely to suffer from vulnerabilities.

DNN is not targeted as often by hackers – partly because they have less to gain by attacking it, and partly because it is a tougher nut to crack than most other systems. The Department of Defense in America uses DNN for its website, which should speak volumes for its security features.

DNN also has a built-in security analyser which helps you to work out how secure your setup is, but of course, a website will only stay secure if it is not allowed to fall too far out of date; DNN requires far less frequent updates than some other well-known systems, but new versions are released from time to time.

At DyNNamite, we have noticed far fewer attacks on DNN sites in the past 3 years, compared to WordPress which is attacked from every corner of the web. In September 2022, we found a report that 280,000 WordPress based websites were attacked through an easy to install plugin.

DNN, like all content management systems, has its own marketplace where modules are designed to extend your DNN website. DNN Corp monitors the modules which are listed and removes any which are vulnerable.

#2 On page editing since 2011, probably sooner!

In our DNN Tutorial, how to add content to a DNN website, we show just how easy it is to edit content in DNN. This on-page editing functionality has been part of DNN for a very long time.

It is possible for anyone to add content to a page and make it look exactly how they want.

Other content management systems have been slow to include this administrator-friendly functionality. In fact, many third-party companies have jumped on this opportunity to create their own solutions. In WordPress, this has created a mess, with a lack of consistency.

Vendors have been battling for the top spot in the page builder world, which has ultimately led to WordPress finally adding front end editing into its core offering in 2018.

DNN has allowed front-end editing for as long as the DyNNamite team can remember! No plugins needed!

#3 Built on ASP


When you need to build at scale. ASP is well worth a look.

#3-1 Cross Platform

One of the best things about.NET programming is its cross-platform architecture. It runs on Windows only, but apps and tools developed using it will run on other operating systems such as macOS, Windows and Linux.

#3-2 Razor Pages

It is a new technology introduced in the latest version of.NET Core Framework. The aim is to improve the efficiency of web development by integrating better tools for creating pages. Page-based coding architectures enable programmers to create advanced user interfaces with increased efficiency.

#3-3 Amazing Developer tools to work with

One of the best things about ASP.NET Core (and.NET Core) is the ability to use a full suite of excellent development tools, including ReSharper, JetBrains, etc., which makes it easier to develop, test, and implement various types of apps.

It also includes Microsoft Visual Studio, which offers some of the best tools for developing ASP.NET applications. It helps with advanced features such as profiling/debugger, unit tests, code completions, Git integration, etc.

Microsoft has released its latest version of Visual Studio, which includes a free, fully featured community edition. Now, you can easily create web apps using.NET Core by leveraging any text editor.

#4 Built for Speed!

Built for speed

If you want your website to run faster than a speeding bullet, use DNN

DNN has full page caching built right in. You can choose a caching option to suit your needs. There is a full suite of features to ensure that your code is optimised. DNN is more than capable of making Google happy in the page speed insights department; with full support for webp and code delivered the way you want it, you can be sure of a top Page speed score. 

With full support for webp and code delivered the way you want it, you can be sure of a top Page speed score. Of course, how well you build your DNN website and how you choose to optimise it will ultimately influence how well it performs, both in terms of page speed and in the serps.

#5 Built on open source technology

Open source software

DNN is 100% open source and available to view on GitHub

You can keep up with the latest releases, submit bug reports and test out the latest beta versions.

Using open source technology to build your website is always a good idea, as you will have access to a community that can help you. You should avoid using propriety content management systems where possible because of the lock in it creates. If you ever wish to move away from a system that is not based on open source technology, it can be problematic.

#6 Easy to use

If you can use Microsoft Word, then you will have no trouble using DNN. The core editor (CKEditor) looks like the Microsoft Word toolbar.

The modular approach to building DNN websites means that anybody can learn how to use the DNN content management system without breaking a sweat!

You can drag-and-drop anything, anywhere, as long as the theme permits it.

#7 DNN multi-user management

DNN enables website administrators to give users from different groups custom roles and permission levels. 

It is possible to set up modules (blocks of content) to be viewed in different roles. This is a unique feature. Usually, a CMS will allow a page to be viewed by role, but DNN can allow different roles to view different modules on a page which is perfect for membership-based websites.

#8 Flexible Portal Development

Flexible Portal Development

With features including an extremely robust architecture that allows website owners and administrators to create customised portals for staff, customers, and stakeholders, the DNN CMS is a powerful tool for building web applications.

The admin team can manage many websites and assets from one centralised system, and the software supports collaboration across different countries and languages.

It is possible to manage a suite of portals within one website, all sharing the same assets. This means if a website owner decides to change the design, the new look can be reflected across all portals.

Of course, each portal can also have its own theme, if that is preferable.

#9 Community Support

DNN is an Open Source project and comprises a group of developers who provide technical support from all around the world. These dedicated teams provide support through DNN blog posts, online forums, online guides, and other various web sites. Support for DNN is easy to find.

#10 2SXC Puts DNN into website building overdrive!

Last but certainly not least is the 2SXC module. 2SXC is a very special open source project designed to add advanced custom fields into DNN.

This module truly separates the code from the content, enabling content editors to design pages and ensure every element is consistent. 2SXC ensures editors do not need to touch code, they can focus purely on content.

2SXC enables web designers (like the team at DyNNamite) to create custom apps for your DNN website, everything from sliders to galleries to content blocks. 2SXC gives DNN superpowers! For more information on our 2SXC work, click here!


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