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21 Sep, 2022 | Return|

DyNNamite-Security-D...In April this year, cyber security specialists Cyolo posted a blog listing the Top 5 cyber security attacks in Q1 2022. It opened with the words:

“As 2021 came to a close, there was little doubt that 2022 would be another year of ever-escalating cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, this has indeed proven to be the case.” 

The blog describes ransomware, data breaches and third-party attacks that were carried out with devastating effect.

 A post by Fortinet, which offers a range of online security solutions, describes the Top 20 most common types of cyber-attack in some detail and offers an overall definition of these criminal activities:

“A cyber-attack refers to an action designed to target a computer or any element of a computerized information system to change, destroy, or steal data, as well as exploit or harm a network. Cyber-attacks have been on the rise, in sync with the digitization of business that has become more and more popular in recent years.”

Integral protection

The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has hastened the already massive drive for businesses to increasingly carry out activities online. It also led to business operations being distributed through remote working, which can carry its own vulnerabilities.

There are many reasons why companies and businesses choose to operate their websites and e-commerce sites using the DNN CMS platform. However, one perhaps not mentioned enough is the integral security to data and online communication that it offers.

The DNN platform provides regular ongoing updates to its core software. These updates are designed to keep DNN websites secure. Any vulnerabilities and glitches from older versions are quickly identified by DNN Corp's team when they crop up. As soon as that happens, they efficiently and promptly produce an updated and newly secured version of the CMS for website administrators to install.

The level of security offered is a reason why the US National Security Agency (NSA) and many large organisations worldwide use DNN.

It is also worth mentioning functionality such as the ability to add role-based content to a DNN9 website by which you can keep selected online content reserved for restricted viewing and inaccessible to the non-targeted users. Our DyNNamite Tutorial #7 explains how this can be done.

A place of safety 

DyNNamite are the UK’s leading DNN specialists and DyNNamite is a DNN Corp Registered DNN Implementation Partner. There are more than 750,000 websites worldwide using the DNN CMS platform, of which over 9,000 are powered by DyNNamite DNN solutions.

Among our range of services, we offer businesses support in protecting their online content. For instance, we provide:

  • Enterprise level hosting, with the highest standards of business grade hosting. Our website hosting solutions provide multiple layers of redundancy to ensure that your content is safe.
  • DNN version upgrades, implementing new upgrades that may be released to patch an older version against unwanted attack.
  • DNN website support, providing clients with the full benefit of our technical skills to solve any issues of functionality or performance of their DNN website.
  • Telerik removal, which eliminates a historic vulnerability that hackers have exploited to force their way into some DNN websites.

If you would like to discuss the security of the online content published by your business, or have any other questions to discuss about the DNN CMS platform, then please contact us now.

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