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30 Mar, 2022 | Return|

dnn-means-businessThe pandemic has created immense pressures on businesses and individuals alike. It has had a profound impact on workplace practices and everyone has had to find ways to adapt and survive. 

It is well known that the changing environment of work and lifestyle has included a rapid acceleration in online transactions. The recent Retail Economics Report observes that: “The pandemic has caused a wave of new online grocery shoppers with the proportion of online sales rising from c.5.5% in 2019 to c.12% in 2021.” 

This is just one of a whole host of business sectors which has been affected by these unprecedented times, and the use of DNN to keep a website running smoothly and kept up to date can be the difference between a business thriving or failing. 

Getting it right every time

Errors on a website, particularly ones that are avoidable, can cause serious damage to the perception of a brand and blight confidence in the services that a business offers.

  • “If this tour operator can’t give me the info I need on the trip, will they be competent enough to show me around safely?”
  • “If this hair salon can’t sort out their booking system, would they be able to provide a decent hair cut?”

If an error is made on a website, users will become frustrated if they are not able to do something, and will likely look elsewhere for the same service. DNN is a valuable website CMS as it has a simple user interface for adding pages, updating content (images & text) and managing enhanced features, meaning that any errors can be eradicated easily.  

Choosing a DNN website developer

Every business is different in what they do and the target audiences they wish to attract and a website’s design and content needs to reflect this. By using a DNN website developer, you will be able to utilise their skills and expertise to implement bespoke modules and keep your website up to date.

We have clients in many business sectors, operating internationally, across the UK or within specific local markets. The intensity of industry research, the quality of DNN website design, development and support, together with the high level of commitment we provide, is the same in every case.

To find out more about why DNN means business, and how it can help your website flourish, please contact us now

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