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Telerik removal service launched by DyNNamite

23 Jun, 2021 | Return|

Telerik Removal

The team here at DyNNamite are delighted to announce that we are able to provide a high quality Telerik removal service for your DNN websites. 

The removal of Telerik is an important step in securing the safety of a DNN website. As well as this we hope it will provide significant performance enhancements such as faster system start-ups and smaller page sizes.

It is worth noting that currently this is an optional step but is highly recommended for the reasons above. This change is currently possible in DNN 9.8.0 and above and in DNN version 10 it will be forced. 

This service can be added as part of any ongoing DNN website development or support we are supplying, or simply as a one-off standalone action. The process of removing Telerik is complicated due to the fact that it is so interwoven into the architecture of most DNN websites. The removal should be carried about by DNN specialists only.

We are now offering this service as we are committed to maintaining optimum performance for DNN websites and ensuring their security. 

DNN website security is fundamentally improved when Telerik is removed. Find out more about Telerik removal here.

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