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DNN is the perfect platform on which to build an intranet

An intranet allows an organisation to communicate effectively with its workforce. It delivers essential information, provides answers to questions and facilitates collaboration. 

As the UK’s leading DNN specialists, DyNNamite offers the highest standards of DotNetNuke business grade web hosting - the perfect platform for an internal system where security is a primary concern. 

By using DNN on our hosting, we will be able to build an intranet that will suit your needs and provide you with these benefits:

  • Setting up an intranet can streamline processes internally, from employee appraisals, to CRM and project management. It can allow employees and employers to share important documents, advertise new initiatives and policies and even gather feedback or suggestions for internal improvements.

  • As restricted access user networks, intranets built with DNN can also provide exclusive access for staff and other stakeholders to information and services. This means storing important information online can be managed and monitored, to ensure only those with the authority to view certain files, can do so.

  • The DotNetNuke platform provides intranets with built in functionality, such as a calendar function which enables users to view dates of important meetings, and when staff are out of the office.  

Our team of DNN specialists are experienced in developing and tailoring responsive intranet solutions in order to fulfil your business needs. For more information, please contact us.

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