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How to add modules and text to a page in DNN


Welcome to DNN tutorials brought to you by DyNNamite the specialist DNN division of BBI Brandboost.

In this tutorial we're going to show you how to add modules to a page in DNN.

On our newly created page we can see that a text HTML module has already been created by the CMS system.


What we actually want to do is delete this one so that we can have a blank canvas to play with.

Hover over the COG icon and select delete.

A warning box will appear.

Press yes so you can confirm your deleting that module.


The pane layout structure of your webpage will now appear and this shows where you can add content on to your web page.


Now what we actually want to do is initially we are going to display modules from existing pages to maintain a corporate branding a corporate style and look and feel.

So hover over modules and select add existing modules now a drop-down box will appear with none specified.


By selecting this it displays a list of all of the pages on your website.


In this instance we're going to select the contact us page because we're going to copy modules from this particular page onto our newly created page.


Now as you can see there's a whole load of modules that have appeared and that's because they are actually on the contact us page

The first one we're going to grab to copy is the slider module and that's actually going to go into our banner pane so we're going to make a copy of it and we're going to drag it in.

Maps module from contact page, site has been updated since release of video

Now what we want to do is select the news module because that's actually going to be displayed to the right of our banner module. So again, if you move the cursor up to the scroll bar below the modules that are displayed scroll along and find the latest news module.

Click on it and drag it into the pane on the page where you want it to be displayed.

We've got quite a number of modules that we want to copy across from our Contact Us page into our newly created page. We are going to copy them one by one but just speed this one up for you we've completed populating our page with existing content from another page on our website.

Now we want to add unique content to our page, so hover over modules and add new module.


This will display all the modules available in the CMS system itself. To make life easier if you hover over the drop down box and press common then the most common modules that you use will appear.


In this instance the HTML module scroll down click on the module and drag and drop it into place.

We only want one of these so you can press cancel.

Scrolling down what we actually want to do now is give our module a title so under the COG icon select settings.


This shows a pop-up window and in there you'll find a tab that says module settings, click on that where you see module title enter the title of the module you actually want to display on the page.


This is actually going to appear to all users when they come to the website so we're going to say how to find us now what we want to do press the Update button and the title of our new module added to our page changes.

Now what we want to do is we actually want to add content into the module so hover over the pencil edit icon and select edit content.


A WYSIWYG editor appears just get rid of the add content comment in there and start typing away.

So BBI brand boost is located in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.
Press the Save button and the unique content appears on the page.

Finally just to make sure the layout of the page is correct,hover over the edit button and press close edit mode.

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