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How to add a page to website built in DNN9

This DNN9 tutorial for beginners goes step by step through the process of adding a new page into an existing live website.

DNN9 has recently been released and for our DNN Tutorial we have created a demo site with minimal elements - we show exactly how to add a new page to this demo website.


Welcome to DNN tutorials brought to you by Dynamite's the DNN specialist division of BBI Brandboost.

In this tutorial we're going to show you how to add a page in DNN 9

DNN9 has recently been released, for our DNN tutorial we've created this demo site with minimal elements.

You can see in the address bar it says DNN9 and on this site we have the title, image and logo.

We have already created two pages, the home page and another page about one of our team.

For the purpose of this tutorial we're going to create a second team member page for their bio.

On DNN 9 the admin panel or persona bar as it’s called is positioned on the left of the screen. Hovering over the key sections allows us to view the function within each one.

On previous versions of DNN we're used to seeing these along the top.

In order to add a page look for the content option and hover over it to reveal pages and recycle bin.

To add a page select pages which will display what used to be called page management.

Click the add page button and proceed to fill in the details about the page you want to create.

Page name, appropriate page title and meta description.

The web address or URL is generated by DNN and the default template is shown at the bottom.

Moving to the permissions tab allows us to see who can view and edit our page.

As we want all users to be able to see our new page tick the new tab box next to all users

The Advanced tab allows us to select the style for our page the theme, the preferred layout and the default container, essentially our page style

Once you have made your selection press add page.

A new page is now available to drag and drop into our website menu

We now can see our newly created page featured in the website menu ready for content to be added.

By default then DNN then adds in a HTML module to get you started and will display this content once it's been added.

Finally click the close button to take you out of edit mode to view your new page

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