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DNN Tutorial Videos

The DNN open source platform is flexible, rich in features and very easy to use. DyNNamite (DotNetNuke) tutorial videos for beginners aim to help you exploit the exciting DNN environment to the full.

We take you through different aspects and functions in straightforward logical steps. We won’t blind you with science or bemuse you with technical language. The DyNNamite team aims to keep things simple for you in every way. Take a look and see!

DNN Tutorial #1 How to add a new page in DNN

Our first video begins with adding a new page in DNN to be located as a drop-down menu addition to a Contact Us parent page. As a DNN development tutorial it is ideal for users with no previous DNN training. It goes through the logical step-by-step process of adding a page of new content. It also explains the importance of titling and describing a web page to enhance its accessibility and SEO potential.

DNN Tutorial #2 How to add modules and text to a page in DNN

DNN (DotNetNuke) is a modular CMS platform which makes it easy to add exciting new functionality to a DNN website. This DyNNamite DNN CMS tutorial demonstrates how simple this can be for those who have had no previous DNN training.

As well as showing how new content can be added, this video shows how to incorporate DNN modules, such as a slider module, already existing on a site into a new web page. In common with other DyNNamite tutorials, our advice extends beyond technical instructions to cover areas such as branding, effective design and ensuring that corporate style is maintained.

DNN Tutorial #3 How to embed a responsive Google map to DNN

DyNNamite DNN tutorial videos cover a wide range of ways to add useful functionality, which can be carried out by users without training in using the DNN platform. Here we explain how an html module can be replaced with a dynamic Google map.

Among the many useful tips in this tutorial, we remind users about the potential need to adjust coding for content to be accommodated in a responsive website.

DNN Tutorial #4 How to add a PDF file for download to DNN

In this video, we go step by step through the process of integrating a PDF file of travel directions into an existing live website.

We explain how the straightforward process of selecting a DNN module from the admin panel and uploading a PDF file into the website structure. This can be undertaken by people without technical skills in DNN development.

DNN Tutorial #5 How to add a page to website built in DNN9

This DNN9 tutorial goes through the process of adding a new page into an existing live website stage by stage.

DNN9 has recently been released and for this tutorial we have created a demo site with minimal elements. This enables us to show exactly how to add a new page to this demo website.

DNN Tutorial #6 How to add content in DNN9

In this tutorial, we go step by step through the process of adding new content into a page in a DNN9 website.

This video follows on from DNN Tutorial #5 and shows how we can add content to the page we created for demonstration purposes.

DNN Tutorial #7 How to add role-based content to a website built using DNN 9

In this tutorial, we show you how to add role-based content to a website built using DNN 9, so that you can keep some items of online content reserved for restricted viewing by targeted users and not accessible to the general public.

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