DNN is an ideal platform for business communication and for mobiles

DNN that means business!

DyNNamite are leading UK specialists in DNN web design and development and over 8,700 websites worldwide are based on DyNNamite’s DNN themes and modules. Most of our work is carried out in the B2B arena and this makes us convinced that


DNN is the best CMS platform for business



DNN, also known as DotNetNuke, allows for the dynamic changes that businesses require to meet the demands of their markets and target audiences.

  • DNN is competitive and easy to manage

DNN is an open source CMS platform that requires no technical knowledge or coding skills to change and update website content and features. The platform includes a unique tabbed administration menu that makes different functions easy to access and use without the cost of professional help. Just take a look at our DNN Video Tutorials to find out just how easy it is to put yourself in full control of your business website.


  • DNN is rich in features

There is a huge and exciting range of ready-to-use features available from DNN and the number is continually growing. DyNNamite is in fact active in DNN feature development. These include DNN modules for discussion forums, blogs, image galleries and much more besides.


  • DNN is totally flexible and scalable

Being based on a modular framework makes it incredibly easy to add functionality to cater for business expansion and increased interaction.

So there is no need to rebuild an entire website when changes are required. A DNN customer module developer such as DyNNamite can create the exact functionality you require and integrate it into your DNN site.


  • DNN is responsive and SEO friendly

DNN is SEO friendly and performs well in gaining high search rankings


Websites can be designed and built to present perfectly on all mobile and desktop devices. Together with the ability to add and update SEO rich content and functionality makes DNN an ideal CMS platform for boosting search page rankings.

DNN can help to make business websites easy to locate and a pleasure to visit.

  • DNN is fully supported by a thriving community


With over 750,000 websites powered by DNN, there is access to a global community providing users with advice and support.

DyNNamite is a proactive member of this network of UK and international developers and business users.

Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK, DyNNamite team supplies DNN web development solutions for businesses across many industry sectors.

DNN has a proactive global community of users supporting the platform

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