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DyNNamite is a leading DNN Developer that uses the creative potential of the DNN platform to the full. We have been regularly introducing new and attractive themes to ensure high quality web development projects can be achieved easily and effectively.

Launched in 2006, DyNNamite initially became known in the field of DNN development for its exciting range of off-the-shelf DNN themes (sometimes also known as DNN skins). The awards we have won over the years have testified to our team’s creative and technical capabilities.

Creating off-the-shelf DNN themes

Marketing experience across many sectors as well as DNN development expertise has given DyNNamite the knowledge to ensure that our themes are visually and functionally suited to a wide range of sectors from financial services to healthcare and from education to travel and leisure. DyNNamite’s popular off-the-shelf DNN themes provide a huge benefit for the rapid completion of website development projects to suit all types of industry and budget requirement.

The DNN platform has continued to evolve to meet the rapidly changing web environment. As a proficient DNN developer we have been active participants in this process.

DNN Development starts with DotNetNuke Module Development

Creating bespoke DNN solutions

DNN supplies us with the sharpest tools for our technical tasks and DyNNamite employs and adapts them to provide the best DNN development solutions for our clients. Our long-standing knowledge of the DNN CMS platform also enables us to offer our clients the highest quality of advice, training and DNN support.

Using the DNN platform has also provided us with the capacity to undertake many major bespoke website design projects that have sometimes emerged from initially limited requests for our creative or technical web services. For instance, custom DNN development work on a complex corporate website can frequently evolve from an original client interest in custom DNN themes and modules.

DyNNamite offers


Years of experience in custom web design and dynamic skinning

Expertise in delivering complex multi-stakeholder custom DNN development projects from concept to implementation

Full cross-browser testing at time of launch

Helpful technical DNN support online and via telephone


Improving DNN functionality

As the specialist DNN Developer operation of BBI Brandboost, DyNNamite can confidently claim to be the UK market leaders in DNN knowledge and expertise.

Being early adopters of this terrific open source web development platform, DyNNamite has grown up alongside DNN and we have cooperated closely for several years in a working relationship that has benefited us both.

.Net Nuke (DNN) is the leading Web Content Management Platform

As an experienced DNN developer, DyNNamite appreciates the values of flexibility, scalability and user-friendly functionality that DNN offers.

DNN developers UK, High Wycombe

As a committed DNN developer, DyNNamite belongs to a worldwide support network of over a million members, ensuring an exceptional pool of DNN development knowledge and potential support is available when required.

leading and award winning DNN developers in UK

As a leading and award winning DNN developer, DyNNamite can bring out the full potential of DNN technology.This includes using our DNN module development skills to enhance functionality. 

The value of DyNNamite contributions as a DNN developer to the evolution of DNN was particularly important when DNN was developing Evoq 8.1. Our unique level of experience with the platform and our custom DNN development expertise in enhancing user experience (UX) provided invaluable input to the DNN Core support operation, which was relayed to the DNN developer community.

DyNNamite provided the scope on how the CMS could be improved for the optimum UX, particularly focusing on geolocation functions. This resulted in our suggestions being integrated into Evoq 8.1, making it a great environment for businesses operating in global markets.


Progressing varied web projects

DyNNamite appreciates the values of flexibility, scalability and user-friendly functionality that DNN offers

The flexibility and versatility of the DNN platform has given DyNNamite powerful DNN development tools for building great websites and creating exciting DNN modules. DNN is the leading Web Content Management platform (CMS) for the Microsoft Web Platform and has been downloaded more than 8 million times and powers more than 750,000 websites globally.

DyNNamite’s long standing involvement in working within the DNN environment, undertaking both custom DNN development and DNN module development, as well as providing comprehensive DNN support, has led to us successfully undertaking some very large scale DNN website development projects. Some of these have involved the building of multiple sites. 

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