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DNN Module Development

DNN, aka DotNetNuke, is the leading open source CMS for the Microsoft web platform. Its modular architecture makes DNN websites incredibly flexible for adding new functionality.

As the leading UK experts in DNN, DyNNamite can demonstrate that we have the experience and vision to produce and launch exciting custom DNN modules to enrich the UX and individual character of our client websites, thus enhancing positive perception of their businesses.

To create a DNN module requires much more than just technical expertise. Successful DNN module development has to include design creativity in using DotNetNuke modules and an insight into the demands of the client’s target website visitors.

To meet our own high performance standards in creating DNN modules, we believe that we must display the ability to interpret the client’s ideas in a way that truly exceeds their original expectations. DyNNamite’s continual achievement of this objective is reflected in our high rate of client retention and positive referrals!

Process of development for DNN modules


Every project for creating a DNN module or modules for clients is different because the functionality must be designed to create engagement and interaction for different target audiences. However, the end-to-end process of consultation with the client and progress to launching custom DNN modules and beyond is similar in every case:

Projects that add value to DNN websites
  • From initial client briefing and information gathering, the DyNNamite team ensures that we fully understand the requirement

  • We develop the project scope and review this with the client

  • When this is agreed we will quote for the project. The work undertaken so far has been carried out at no charge to the client

  • Once the quote is approved the custom DNN module is built and rigorously tested

  • On successfully achieving all the functionality required, the new DotNetNuke modules solution for UX and engagement can be launched onto the website

  • Following deployment of the custom DNN module, the DyNNamite team is on hand to provide ongoing support to the client

Projects that add value to DNN websites


The integration of custom DNN modules can greatly enhance the online services and facilities provided by DNN business websites. In essence, whatever the client wants and whatever their customers demand, DyNNamite can create a DNN module to facilitate that requirement. Here are just a few of the projects we have undertaken through the creation of DotNetNuke modules:

  • Academy of Funds

For the City of London based financial research organisation Square Mile, we delivered a password protected custom DNN module for financial advisers to view and compare both managed and passive funds.

The Square Mile Academy of Funds module allows advisers to evaluate expert opinion and create a personal “bucket” of funds for ongoing analysis. Its facilities include the ability to use streamed data to build graphs and PDF files on the fly and to email or print PDF files of information for clients and associates.

The Academy of Funds module provides financial advisers with an invaluable tool for gaining qualitative information on funds to develop and enhance their client relationships.

dnn module for financial sector in UK

  • Financial Information Hub

Adviser-Hub offers extensive marketing and business support services to financial advisers on their website, complemented by their busy schedule of seminars and events, shown on the dynamic events calendar module created by DyNNamite with options for users to gain more information and register for attendance online.

Financial Information Hub

The ability to access and utilise information and expert opinion and analysis is made easy through the custom DNN modules on the Adviser-Hub website, with the article and newsletter builder module being a prime example.

This innovative solution allows financial advisers to choose from a range of expert articles to incorporate into newsletter templates in varied formats, to add their own content and to create their own customised newsletters to distribute to their clients. 

dnn developer from High Wycombe

  • Biomedical products access

Oxford Biosystems is a major supplier of in-vitro diagnostic products and research tools for clinical and research laboratories. They supply products relating to both human and veterinary conditions.

DNN module development by DyNNamite included creating a product search facility, allowing users to access product information and providing the ability to make online enquiries by product code, assay, manufacturer and product type (human or veterinary). This progressively narrows the field until they can focus on their specific requirement.

We also produced a custom DNN module to support QuikRead go® solutions for diagnosis and treatment in primary healthcare settings. This password protected software download facility allows users to register for the latest software updates and product reports.

bespoke dnn module design

  • Engineering tools selector

Norbar is a world leading manufacturer of torque tools and calibration equipment and they have a very wide and diverse product range. DyNNamite was able to create a DNN module that would help engineers select exactly the right tools for their work from the extensive variety of torque wrenches, multipliers and other solutions available.

Users of the product selector module can search by category, ranges and technical requirement. Products can be compared, technical specifications analysed and product images viewed from different perspectives.

This custom DNN module is an excellent complement to the comprehensive information, product videos and engineering advice available on Norbar’s DNN website.


End-user control


The DNN platform is remarkably easy to administer and use, requiring no special skills to put the user in full control of their content. Adding DNN modules and functionality to a DNN website is a simple operation.

In our Tutorial Videos we go through in non-technical terms the logical step-by-step methods that can be taken to develop positive UX and engagement for website visitors. This video series acts as a DNN beginner’s guide and a support for advancing knowledge of this remarkable open source CMS and the extensive range of DotNetNuke modules available.


Why DyNNamite?


Years of experience with the DNN platform, and our own active participation in its evolution, has given DyNNamite unique capabilities in DNN custom module development.

That is why we lead the field in the UK for the variety and reliability of custom DNN modules we have introduced across a broad range of business sectors.

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