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How to add a new page in DNN


Welcome to DNN tutorials brought to you by DyNNamite, specialist DNN division of BBI Brandboost.

In this tutorial we're going to show you how to add a page in DNN.

Using a web browser go to your website and in the address bar after the web address of your site type in / login or login.aspx

Depending on the DNN version you're using this will take you to the login screen.


From here enter the admin username and password and press login or hit return

You will now see at the top of the screen the administration bar where you'll find admin, tools, help, modules, pages, users and on the far right-hand side edit page which allows you to edit the page you're on.


What we're interested in though is to add a new page to our website so on the top bar, hover over pages and press add new page.


A pop-up window will appear and on this pop-up window will be four tabs.


  • Page details
  • Copy page
  • Permissions
  • Advanced Settings

Now we're going to start with page details. First off, we need to give our page a page name.


Now this is the name of the page which will appear in the navigation menu of your website and becomes part of the URL.


We then need to give it a page title now this needs to be a little bit more descriptive as this is what google will show in its search results.


Now the description this allows you to summarize your page to users and search engines so again needs to be enhanced.


Now we need to decide where our new page will be located on our website.


To do this scroll down to parent page where we can select the parent of our new page.


In this case the contact us page now if we don't select a page our new page will appear in our top menu of our website.

Finally, if you want to your web page to be included in your website menu make sure the tick box is ticked for include menu.


Now moving back up the page you now need to go to the permissions tab.


The permissions tab allows you to see whether or not your page is going to be viewed by all users or as it currently is in administration only.

It's recommended that while you're developing your page you leave it in admin only.

Once you're happy press the add page button and your new page will appear.


A new page has now been created using the theme or skin of our website.

Also on the page you will see a HTML module has been inserted automatically, this is quite common with most DNN sites.

Our new page itself can be seen in the menu structure where we've placed it underneath contact us.

You will also see it in the URL of our website and finally if you hover over the tab you will see the title of our newly created page.

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