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Are DNN themes just one skin deep?

The DNN platform offers a modular web development environment which is highly flexible and rich in features. It is remarkably easy to use as a CMS, requiring no specialist skills or technical knowledge to change and update content. This is why DyNNamite has championed DNN since we launched in 2006.

new DNN skin AeroDyNN by DyNNamite UKOne question we have been asked on many occasions by our DNN web development clients is what is the difference (if any) between DNN skins and themes? 

Well, originally the software files on which DNN pages could be attached were always known as DotNetNuke skins, but more recently the term “themes” has come to be used instead. So are DNN skins and DNN themes one and the same thing?

Well, yes and no…

Ask the community

Over 750,000 websites worldwide are built on the DNN platform and users have the backup of an active support community. So what better place to go to for information than the DNN Community Blog?


An entry on this subject states that:

“DotNetNuke breaks up our “themes” into two different parts – DNN skins and containers...”

However, it continues: 

“It can be a bit confusing to new users because the term skin is used to describe the entire “theme” and also to describe the page layout portion of a complete skin package.” 

dnn developers sell dotnetnuke skins

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And what is the function of DNN containers? The Stack Overflow community of programmers comes up with the following information:

“Containers allow you to add style and mark-up to any module independently of the page skin or the particular module… a container is like a skin for single module”.

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Following the trend

Although DotNetNuke has provided a definition of what it means by themes, in practice the use of the terms DNN skins and DNN themes is more or less interchangeable with those involved in DNN development, in much the same way as DNN and DotNetNuke are both commonly used when describing this platform.

For example, this useful DNN skin tutorial video is titled “Basic DotNetNuke Skinning”. By using the term themes, the DNN organisation is following a generic trend adopted by other web development platforms. However, many of us still talk about DNN skinning because it is descriptive of the process. So both DNN skins and themes are here to stay!

As leading UK DotNetNuke specialists, DyNNamite can offer invaluable DNN support for users of this exceptional CMS platform. We are acknowledged experts in DNN web design and web development and can provide both off-the-shelf and customised solutions for your business requirements.

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