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Vision Flash Skins Vision Flash Skins The visual design speaks for itself. There are a lot of "beautiful" skins here on Snowcovered, and I've bought many of them. This however is the first package that actually works close to the ideal - it adjusts itself gracefully in the presense of all types of content, has a huge variety of container combinations. The CSS is comprehensible and tweakable without bad side effects. The included PSD should serve as a template of the "right" way to organize a skin in Photoshop. Support requests answered promptly and they provided everything I asked for (and then some) I will definitely do business with this great company again! Robert M
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Environment Skins 5.0
Price:  $49.99
Category: DNN 5.x Skins

Skins: The Environment Skin Pack by DyNNamite comes with with 4 Image Headers, 3 background options, both with vertical or horizontal menu and each of the skins have a fixed, a medium and a full width version. This means 24 skins not even counting the different widths. The fixed width skins are 800 pixels wide and the medium width is 1000 pixels, however have the capability to widen seamlessly if necessary. The skins feature bottom, left and content panes, as well as an additional three custom panes.

Containers: This pack contains 10 containers for the left column, with less padding for a better fit and 15 for the content area with more padding so the content does not look cramped. That is a total of 25 different containers included in this skin pack.

Browser compatibility
These Skins have been been fully tested with:
IE 9, 8, 7 & 6 IE8 IE7 IE6 Mozilla Firefox Opera Safari Chrome Flock